Anchor Testing, Compliance & Installation

Height Safety Systems

Using the latest technology in deionized water systems, our DI Our expert team provides comprehensive and specialised advice on issue relating to building height safety requirements on commercial, residential and industrial properties.

From design through to order, from installation through to certification we are here to meet your needs. We are certified installers and have access to the best products and full technical support from industry-leaders in height safety.

  • SAYFA Accredited Installer
  • SafetyLink Accredited Installer
  • SRA Accredited Installer

Testing & Compliance

Building owners, PCBU building managers or property management companies have a legal requirement to provide safe working environment for all workers onsite. We ensure all Work Cover safety compliances are met to keep you and your team, contractors and/or site visitors SAFE when working at heights or accessing roofs.

  • Height Safety System Audit on your building
  • Evaluate and inspect existing Height Safety Systems
  • Conduct annual Height Safety System Testing and Certification

Height Safety System Design & Installation

We can provide and install a wide range of fall restraint and fall arrest systems to ensure ALL areas can be accessed safely.

  • Industrial fall arrest and abseil anchor points
  • Horizontal and vertical lifelines
  • Ladder stabilisers
  • Permanent ladder systems
  • Guard rails and walkway systems
  • Supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Supply portable deadweight anchors

All of the products we install are engineered and tested in Australia, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards.

  • AS/NZS 5532:2013
  • AS/NZS 1891
  • AS/NZS 1657
  • ISO 22846-1:2003
  • ISO 22846-2:2012

All products installed are covered with a 10-year warranty against faulty materials and manufacturing.

Other Services

Whatever your Building Maintenance needs are, we have the skills, equipment and professionalism to get the job done hassle free at a competitive price.

Facade & Pressure Clean

We are experts in pressure cleaning and facade cleaning and can take care of all your needs. We are highly experienced pressure cleaners providing a superior clean at a very competitive rate. We have set ourselves exacting standards and all work is done carefully and thoroughly. All projects are overseen and inspected post clean. This ensures the highest standards are maintained for all customers.

Glass Restoration

Whether you have Ground Floor or High Rise windows that need repairing, our skilled team of abseilers can access every area of your building, shop or home.

Calcium Water Stains | Graffiti or Blade Scratches | Welders Spot | General Window / Glass damage.

We Restore Your Glass Back to ‘As New’ Condition