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Commercial Window Cleaning

All aspects of high and low-rise window cleaning including hospitals, schools, factories, nursing homes, office complexes and hotels.

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Finding the best commercial window cleaning team for your property is easier said than done. There are several qualifications to consider when you want your building facade cleaned the way it should be cleaned: safely and efficiently. Your building's facade is what your guests, tenants and investors first see. It also adds to your city's ambience. So, finding someone to do commercial window cleaning is a crucial task. You should try to get a team that can work with your building's specifications safely, while working effectively within your budget.

Here are a few tips to getting the best commercial window cleaning team for your building:

  1. Ask for referrals: You can't keep the best commercial window cleaning team a secret. Building owners and managers who've worked with the industry's best are likely to recommend them. So, ask your colleagues. Get a list of service providers they would hire time and again.
  2. Search online: These days, it's likely for top commercial window cleaning companies to maintain a website, and include information about their services. So, go ahead and search online. If you find an interesting team, give them a call and schedule a project assessment.
  3. Research about a company's reputations and expertise: With how everything's online, you won't have a hard time finding team reviews and online service assessments. Search within industry forums and blogs. Find out how the commercial window cleaning teams in your list have performed in previous projects. Cross out those with bad reviews. Begin to get in touch with those that pass your requirements.
  4. Make safety your foremost concern: When we talk about safety here, we are referring to the safety of your building's employees and guests, as well as the safety of the team you end up hiring. The best window cleaning team for the job is expert enough in their jobs that they do it right and rid your building's exterior cladding of hazards and risks. At the same time, they use the best gears and safety harnesses in performing tasks, in order to protect their workers.