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Height Safety Systems

  • Supply and install permanent fall arrest and rope access anchors of the highest quality which meets legislative requirements without compromise on compliance.
  • Carry out annual re-certification testing, tagging and reporting of anchor points and systems.
  • Carry out six monthly testing, tagging and reporting of safety fall arrest equipment.

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The installation of height safety sytems for a property, especially high-rise and midrise buildings, is mandated in Australian law. If you are a private property owner or manager, it is your responsibility to address height safety issues and provide height safety systems.

According to Australian regulations, property owners and managers should ensure that they control risks and remove or minimise hazards that come with their building. You should ensure safe access to all areas of the workplace. Typical building operations include maintenance that involve window cleaning and similar tasks. These require height safety – else a property owner or manager puts his maintenance staff's life and limb at risk. This responsibility is not just toward employees. It extends to visitors and job contractors. So, even if building management outsources window cleaning, facade restoration and similar tasks, they should still install the equired height safety systems. Your property should always be a safe work environment for everyone.

Getting this can be just a matter of dealing with the right supplier of height safety systems. This supplier is responsible for the supply and installation of height safety systems that include fall arrest systems, rope access anchors, as well as roof anchors, ladder stabilisers, permanent ladder systems, and personal protection equipment. Your selected supplier should ensure that you get the best options available in the market. This is not just about getting the job done. It's about getting the best gears for your building safety systems.

Aside from this, the perfect supplier of height safety gear should also be available to carry out bi-yearly fall arrest equipment testing, tagging and reporting. They should also be able to certify anchor points and systems yearly, as required by law. Ensuring that your building is safe for everyone requires consistent effort and monitoring. The perfect safety gear supplier can provide you with the best help.