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Terms and Conditions

Retention on our fees is not accepted unless written agreement is made prior to work commencement

Rates are per technician per hour and not including GST.

A minimum of two technicians will be required for all rope access operations.

A minimum call out charge of 4 hours per operator will apply and Cam Park/ Difficult Access Services reserve the right to charge for a standard 8 hours once 4 hours is exceeded.

When after hours work is requested, a minimum call out charge of 8 hours will apply.

Cam Park Normal Hours only apply between 0700-1700 Monday to Friday. A standard shift is 8 hours.

Overtime rates are applicable for any hours spent over and above a standard shift or outside Normal Hours.

Night Work Rates are charged for all shifts occurring between 1800-0600 or part thereof.

Labour supplied on Public Holidays will be charged at Sunday rates.

Charges are calculated from the time Cam Park/ Difficult Access Services Technicians arrive on site and are inclusive of rope time and site dis/establishment and any required administration required by the client. Downtime outside of the control of Cam Park is deemed the responsibility of the client and will be charged accordingly.

An emergency call out fee of $300.00 applied for immediate response. Hourly rate will be as per scheduled labour rates.

Any travel time incurred will be charged on a per hour basis. Inside Sydney CBD a minimum $100 travel rate will be charged to allow equipment to be delivered and removed from site.

Flights are passed on at cost and travel time charged at a minimum of 4 hours per person to cover transit and transfers.

All rope access equipment is included in our rates unless specialist equipment is required for the task.

A basic tool allowance is included in our rates.

All materials, hire and other equipment is charged as an extra, unless specified in the quotation.

Rates are inclusive of productivity allowances, site allowances and site facilities (e.g. Union sites) unless specified in the quotation.

Inclement weather has a serious effect on some of our work, and can make working on ropes hazardous. Therefore, any work that is stopped due to inclement weather before 4 hours of work is conducted, will be charged as 4 hours and over 4 hours worked, as 8 hours.

To cover Meals & Accommodation a daily allowance (LAFHA) of $110 per day per technician is payable for all work completed outside of Sydney Metro requiring an overnight stay.

Equipment Hire and supply such as Counterweight Rigs, Vortex Needle Systems and ActSafe Power Ascender is priced on application

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